Solidarity with the Refugees' Struggle – Right of Residency for Everyone

The association Rote Hilfe e.V. (“Red Aid”) is soliciting donations with its anti-racism campaign, 'you can't break this movement', for resistant refugees and their supporters who have been affected by government repression due to their political activism. Since 2012, when the first large protest marches from Würzburg to Berlin started, nationwide protest camps gradually formed, buildings occupied, embassies visited by large groups and public spaces taken over, these actions have been assaulted by the police and prosecuted by the courts.
Allegations of violations of duty not to leave an assigned place of residence, criminal assault, breach of the peace and civil disorder are raised so as to delegitimize and intimidate opposition.
Many of the affected activists, with or without a European passport, have received political and financial support from Rote Hilfe in the months following the allegations. Where local solidarity funds have been exhausted, we have introduced 100% coverage at the national level of the repression costs (lawyers, court fees, fines, ...) to refugee activists instead of the standard rate of 50% .
We intend to (and will) continue to do it that way! Rote Hilfe supports leftist activists in Germany with its anti-repression efforts regardless of passport or country of origin. We offer financial support, according to our Articles of Association, help with advice, recommend those prosecuted to remain silent and are available in solidarity with many local branches. We are committed to the anti-racist campaign of the movement against the European closed-border policy, against intensifying the laws of asylum and for an unconditional right to residency for everyone!
Support the anti-repression work of Rote Hilfe: donate, organize collections, celebrate solidarity parties, do not be intimidated, continue standing with us in solidarity and let us end our resistance only when we live in a society in which all are welcome!


Translation of the german flyer:

Refugees and their supporters have, since 2012, intensified their organizing against the politics of bulkheading Europe and restricting basic human rights.

The government has responded to the criticism of camps or the demand for the unconditional right to residency through protest marches or occupying public places by intensifying the law of asylum and engaging in massive police operations.

The leftist solidarity organization Red Help (Rote Hilfe e.V.) considers itself as part of the anti-racist movement and supports activists affected by state repression are concerned. Make a donation, remain united and get involved!